Is your hair frizzy or just curly?

Hey girl! Put that hair straighter down! Embrace your waves. Your hair is most likely not frizzy…its curly! If you find your hair looking dry and frizzy check out these simple changes to your hair care routine.

Not sure yet? Okay…answer these questions,

  1. Do you get the occasional wave or curl when your hair is wet?
  2. Do you have a lot of baby hairs?
  3. Does your hair frizz out when it dries?
  4. Do your curls from your curling wand last for days?

If you answered yes to any of these then here are some things you can do today to start your journey into becoming a curly girl.

  • Stop brushing your hair
  • Stop using heat to style your hair
  • Use a silk or satin pillow case
  • De-stress… try some meditation?
  • Deep condition… once a week
  • Don’t colour your hair
  • Use a micro fibre hair towel
  • Find your curl type… Check out next weeks blog as I explain this in detail!

 Good luck on your journey, I hope you dive right in and ride the wave.

I’m hair for you, always.

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